One Month From Today...

One month from today is Karis' due date. It's hard to believe that we are almost there!!

When I pulled up the blog this morning, I saw that she is on the LAST square on the growth chart! That's not hard to believe though... this is not a small baby any more. My tummy shifts back and forth now. Long gone are those sweet little kicks. And simple movements for me are now a work out!

My books tell me that she could be around 6lbs right now. Isn't that crazy?! At this stage every baby is different. I weighed 6lbs 2oz when I was born and Chris, well who knows since he was 6 weeks preemie. So we will have to wait and see what she is like.

We went to the doctor yesterday and the update is "No progress." Turns out that even though I've been having lots of contractions, they haven't done anything to make me dilate... yet. Doc says anything can change. The good news is: LIMITED ACTIVITY HAS BEEN LIFTED! I am allowed to embrace the contractions and see what happens with them, instead of trying to stop them.

We continue to trust the Lord that He knows Karis' birthday and birth story. This whole journey has been super exciting and the anticipation builds each day! We can't wait to see her sweet little face and unwrap her and stare at those tiny toes and fingers and legs... OK, I'll stop now. :)

I will, hopefully, post some VERY cool belly pics soon. Tomorrow I am scheduled to do my maternity photo session with Sarah (Fish Lips Photography). My belly is a little bigger now than we'd hoped to capture, but all this crazy rain has made us reschedule several times.