One of my favorite bloggers

Is Jon Acuff.
He is the author of the blog and book: Stuff Christians Like

I was so inspired by his intro video here on the Dave Ramsey website (he is one of his speakers). You can see more videos of Jon HERE.

If you can't watch this video, here are some of my favorite things he said in this intro video:

"We put so much of our identity in what we do... 
We feel pulled between what we are doing and what we want to do... 
there are ways to have a a 
full time job and a full time dream... 
there's ways to have an extradanary life in the middle of an ordinary day... 
when its nurtured, 
when we grow it, 
when it's manicured and 
when we hussle, 
we become engaged, 
but if we don't... we become entitled...
I want to encourage a generation of doers. 
dreamers are a dime a dozen, 
we have got to get to action."

What is your dream?
What are you doing to get there?