One of those days

Not to get on here to complain. But I know I tend to only share the good moments. The moments of total joy. The moments after the lesson has been learned. And hardly ever the moments where there is still a lesson to be learned.

Today has been one of those days.

The kind where you didn't mean to but you pressed snooze for 30 minutes. Thankful for the Hello Mornings challenge or else I would've forgone the (much needed for the day ahead) time with the Lord for a shower. Thank God for dry shampoo. Can I get an "amen" on that one? My personal favorite is the Suave brand. Works great, doesn't show up white on my new brown locks, and smells lovely. But I digress...

The kind where your tenacious 17 month old is already in timeout and she hasn't even been awake 30 minutes.

The kind where that same tenacious toddler through the fit of her life at Mommy & Me music time. The kind of fit where we had to go in the hallway so she could finish her meltdown privately.

The kind where you have to rock that same sweet girl extra long before nap time to apologize for your grumpy mood.  And then you remind yourself you are the grown up and don't need to pout just because your child is.

The kind that requires a second cup of coffee with (praise the Lord it's back at HEB) Almond Joy creamer (my daily guilty pleasure).

The kind where you are back in front of that same journal and Bible a second time because that's how much you need it.

It's 1:27pm.

How's your day going? (she asks with a genuine smile on her face)