ONE whole year!

Monday, November 24th marks Chris and I's one year anniversary. 

I can’t believe it has been a whole year and at the same time I can’t believe it’s only been a year!

Here are some of my most treasured memories things so far…

December- Our first holiday season as man and wife (that was strange staying in the same room at your parent's house). As soon as we unpacked from our honeymoon, we packed right back up for Jason’s graduation and then hit the round again for the “Christmas tour” (that’s what happens when both of you have divorced parents).

January- Officially becoming a Kiser (according to the Social Security department), settling in to our new home and decorating, and spending our first New Year’s Eve chugging pepto and sprite (dern tummy bug)… and finding out that the tummy bug was NOT  a baby (that would’ve been a little too soon)! 

February- While this wasn’t a joyous occasion, it was monumental in our marriage. Chris’ Nana passed away. It was amazing to be at her bedside as she went home to be with Jesus. For Chris and I it was incredibly powerful to go through this together. In addition, I was able to build even stronger relationships with his family.

March- Chris turned 24 (only one more year till the insurance discount), road trip (and shopping spree) to San Antonio, struggled through loneliness (adjusting to married life with way less girl time was hard at first for me).

April- We had our first week apart as I went to Chicago for a conference (that was weird, and something we don’t want to do often), I turned 26 (I feel so grown up now), and Chris started blogging! 

May- Life was REALLY busy—I was prepping for Day Camp and Chris was busy at work. We treasured our time at home alone a lot. 

June- Jared, Chris’ BFF (and now one of mine too) came to stay with us for a month. We LOVE Jared and want him to move to Houston so bad. So, Jared, if you’re reading this, come on! I know a great family that doesn’t charge rent. ;) 

July- Fourth of July party at my parents house. Did I mention we were really busy working this summer? :) We had no life. Chris was wrapping up at his old team and my Arbonne business got so busy without me really meaning for it to. 

August- I had my first really sick moment and Chris was my nurse (super sweet), our life was consumed by the Olympics. 

September- Hurricane Ike took over our lives. Before that struck Houston though we took off for family vacation with Chris’ Mom and Larry to Vegas! We were stranded there when the hurricane hit (you should feel very sad for us). But we decided to make a memory and rented a car and drove back! We saw the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and a million other amazing things.

October- I planned First Fest all month! It was a HUGE success and a TON of fun. Chris was a great supporter and really helped out that night too. I had a major let down this month though: I didn’t not get selected for jury duty, but did get to go downtown for half a day and sit there (so fun). Oh and we became overwhelmed by all the political drama going on—why did we feel compelled to watch the same thing over and over again? Praise God the election is over. 

November- Spending the next week together... hello vacation! J 

Chris, I love you so much. I never knew what to expect out of marriage. I think at times, when I was single, I thought that it would make life all better and be this magical fairy tale. I am thankful that it is so much more than that—so much deeper than happily ever after. While I still get giddy just knowing your on your way home and I still love it when you just hold me and your eyes are a place I can still get lost, I am most thankful for the trials we’ve had. I know that sounds weird. But in a year my walk with the Lord has grown in ways I never imagined. You challenge me to be more disciplined and make time with Him my greatest priority. In addition, you push me towards holiness. Living with someone, allowing them to see all your flaws can be hard at times. But I’m thankful that we don’t let each other just get away with things. We want to grow. Thank you for the way you lead this family. Thank you for how you honor the Lord so much in how you handle our finances. Thank you for cooking dinner when I’m just wiped. Thank you for washing the laundry because I’m too tired to do it. Thank you for making the bed every morning and taking the trash out every week. Thank you for leading us in prayer so often. Thank you for driving… and thank you for letting me be a back seat driver. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for never letting me settle. Thank you for pushing me on to greatness. I love you pumpky!