Opening Day

Today is a special day in the Kiser household. Tonight the St. Louis Cardinals open their 2012 season in Miami against the Miami Marlins.

To prepare, last night Karis and I watched the 1st game of the 1968 World Series on DVD between the Cardinals and Tigers. Bob Gibson struck out a record 17 batters en route to a 4-0 victory.

Ever since birth (literally, while Jas and I were in incubators trying to survive) my Dad would come to the hospital and recount what was going on with the Cardinals and spring training. We would take family trips to see Cardinal games, which living in Texas was a huge deal since it happened infrequently. Mom & Larry have also kept it a part of our family tradition by taking us to multiple Cardinal games and Larry has gone so far to decorate half of his gameroom in Cardinal stuff.

So when Karis was born, we knew we were going to follow tradition and bring her up loving the Cardinals just as much as we do. In celebration of Opening Day, here are some of our favorite Cardinal moments thus far with her!

What are some of your favorite traditions in your family? What is an integral part of your family culture?