Our Family Rap: "Swagger Wagon"

My friend, Sarah Medley, sent this to me today on Facebook because she saw that it was totally Chris and I in the future. For those that know both of us, you might pee in your pants when you watch this video.

Sarah and I have been friends since high school. She's one of the few people that remember the Becky that loved rap music.

Yes. I said it. I loved rap music. I also owned a pair of Jinko Jeans.

I could list other things that would shock you, but today isn't the day for that. You just let me know when you need a good laugh and I'll share stories of who I used to be.

Back to the music video of our lives. I almost wet my pants. Not only do the Mom and Dad characters resemble our personalities, but the little blond girl is exactly how I imagine Karis to be.

So check out our future family rap: