Our Favorite Reception Pictures!!

our first dance

our wedding party did the soulja boy dance!!

i am marrying into a family that is OBSESSED with the cardinals!

daddy - daughter dance :)

chris and his sweet momma, tammy

j-mor (jonathan morrison) and paula

our toast

chris and shannon
shannon's hilarious husband, jared

me, erin and two adorable flower girls, lauren and avery

our moms dancing (yes, they were doing the shimmy)

nils (my brother) and kate (my cousin)

us with michaela (this was/is chris' girlfriend from purdue)
we are so white!
us with blakely and scott (check out blakely's reach for the bouquet below. little did she know she'd get engaged a week or so later! congrats friends!!)
i threw it right to my best friend paula!!
watch out!
everyone celebrating jason's catch!
us with jason and paula

saying thank you to our guests


my brother and katie (sis-in-law) got us an old fashioned cab to take us to the hotel. super cute!!