Our First Kiss + Some Pictures

Knowing what you know about us, aren't you curious what that title might lead to? (Confused? Read this blog post: "Kissing Children on the Lips")

Well you should be.

But first, a few pictures:

Last weekend Chris's Dad (Kuku) and little bro (Uncle Colton) came in. I loved them already. But when you love on my baby girl like they did, I adore you. Colton has my heart forever. Look at how much he loves his niece. He was constantly wanting to hold her and was such a natural.

Last Sunday we introduced her to a family tradition: afternoons at the park. She fully embraced it. She fits so perfectly into our family.

She has the bald man hair style. It's full on the bottom and fuzzy on top. Sort of like a mullet.

What a natural her dad is.

Karis is a girl of expressions. Here are just a few. All taken in a span of a few minutes.

She's a champ at tummy time. She will hold her head up now about how you see it below. Turning side to side is no big thing now.

Since it is what people do, thought we'd do a chair picture. She's 7 weeks here.

Remember when she looked like this at 1 1/2 weeks old? She's left the newborn stage and is officially a baby!

We took Karis to her very first Greek Festival this past Friday. Chris took the day off of work and we had a sweet family day. The weather was perfect. And the food was incredible. Opa!

Nothing sweeter than a naked baby. Well a naked baby with a diaper (not brave enough for her just to be naked).

Now back to kissing on the lips. We finally caved.

How could you not with these precious lips?

I think she liked it. What do you think?

Chris was so sweet. He said he wanted to kiss her first. Why you ask? He said, "On her wedding day I want to be able to look at her husband and tell him: I was her first kiss and you better be her last." Do I not have the most incredible husband? It melts my heart how he loves our baby girl. I hope she finds a man just like her Daddy one day.

I kissed her on the lips too. It took about ten tries though. Every time I went in she turned her head to the side. By the fifth rejection I was starting to think maybe she felt how we did about kissing on the lips too. ;)

All in all, it wasn't traumatic. We were definitely being dramatic about it before. However, the verdict is in and we definitely prefer her squishy cheeks to the slobbery lips... for now.

And I'll share a video too.

Chris' Papaw was here a few weeks ago and he loved to sing to Karis. Thought I'd share his favorite song here for you: