Our Lil' Puddin' Popper

One of our very favorite things about our hospital stay was a few of the nurses. We were so amazed at how they loved our baby girl.

There is one thing I've learned as a Mom that if you show my baby girl some love, you have my heart too. That has been one of the sweetest things of motherhood, loving others deeper.

Back to the nurses. They said some of the sweetest things about Karis that I just had to record.

#1: Our Lil' Puddin' Popper

I had the same night nurse the whole time I was in the hospital. Her name was Melissa and she was the sweetest woman. She was super country and I loved her.

Well she nicknamed Karis "Lil' Puddin' Popper." I'm sure she calls all the babies that as a way of not having to remember all the baby names. But we thought it was so funny at first and then after saying it as a joke, it has kind of stuck.

So now you can call her: Pud, Pud Pop, Puddin' Popper, or, go all out with, Lil' Puddin' Popper.

#2: Karis KISSer

Karis was super blessed with the sweetest baby nurse, Vera. She was from Romania and was the sweetest woman you have ever met. And on top of that she was a sharp cookie and super patient. I don't know what I would've done without her.

On day two of our stay as she was wheeling Karis into our room she asked us, "All of us nurses in the nursery have been wondering how you pronounce your last name."

We responded, "Kiser." (sounds just like kaiser roll or ki-zer)

Vera giggling, "Oh, well we've been calling her Karis KISSer because she is so sweet we all just want to kiss her all the time." Then she must have realized that some parents would freak out about that and quickly said, "But don't worry, we aren't allowed to. But we sure do want to."

I could've leaped out of that bed and hugged her right there.

#3: She should be a baby model

Same sweet nurse Vera on the first day of being there said to us, "She is just so beautiful. I really mean it. One thing you should know about baby nurses is we will never say that because most newborns aren't very beautiful..." (She picks Karis up and just stares at her lovingly.) "But Karis, she is just so beautiful. I'm not the only one that thinks so, all the other nurses do too. You should have her be a baby model."

Now I wanted to not just leap out of bed and hug her, but I wanted to send her flowers or something. I did talk to her manager before we left to let her know she needed to promote her or give her a raise or something because she was so sweet.

Even if she said those things to all the moms, I don't care. As a new mom, you need all the encouragement you can get.

P.S. She will never be a baby model. I've watched Toddlers and Tiaras for all of 1 minute and that was all I could stand of that life style.