Our Vows

Many of you have said how much you loved our vows at the wedding. The words still ring so powerful. I thought I'd share them with you for a few reasons. One, this is your way of holding us accountable to really living this out daily. Our goal isn't to not get divorced, but to have a marriage that honors God daily. Second, I pray that for those of you that are married this would be an encouragement to love your spouse like this. Look over the vows that you have promised one another and renew them to eachother and the Lord. Third, for those that are single I pray that you would be encouraged to wait for someone that deserves these vows. It is hard to wait. But don't ever settle. It's not worth it.

Becky, God in His wisdom decided it wasn’t good for me to be alone so He made you to be my helpmate. You are God’s gift to me, perfectly suitable for my completion. I receive you is aimed at perfecting a quality in me. I declare my love for you to be unconditional and nothing can discourage that love. You are the Lord’s primary tool to shape and conform me to the image of Jesus. Therefore, I submit myself to you in the fear of the Lord that this might be accomplished and the Lord Jesus glorified. I choose to love you as Christ loves the church. I will provide for you protect you and give you loving leadership. I honor you. I am faithful to you. I will cherish you as long as we both shall live

Chris, I receive you as God’s perfect gift to me. Out of God’s perfect design He has given you to me that I might become more like Jesus. I gladly rejoice in your strengths and your weaknesses. That through them I might become more patient, kind and understanding, gentle and quiet in spirit. I receive you as my protector, my provider, friend and lover forever. I receive you just as you are. I choose to submit to you in the fear of the Lord out of my love and respect and total trust in you. I will support you and uplift you by word and deed. I will respond to you in love as I would Jesus Himself. I will comfort you. I will pray for you. I will encourage you and challenge you. I desire to be a crown to your head. I will cherish you as God’s gift to me so long as we both shall live.