Our Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Chris and I went away a for a few days. It was our first time to leave Karis without one of us. Very thankful for Chris' mom coming down. And very thankful we just got the new iPhone 4S so we could easy Skype with her a few times. Those moments were beyond precious. 
We like to do something special every year for our anniversary and we've decided every other year we will go on some trip (some years bigger than others). This year we decided to to the B&B thing. Since I have never taken Chris to College Station, we picked a non-football weekend (I know bad Aggie) and headed out.
Something my mom did on road trips when I was a kid was take what she called "short cuts" to get home. Basically it means you take way longer to get home but drive through all the small down and one lane roads. I hated it as a child. I love it now. This was our view for the hour and half drive.
First stop at to be Layne's. While I love me some Raisin' Canes, the sauce doesn't come close. 
Then we headed to campus so Chris could see some of my favorite spots. Chris really wanted to stand on the grass (for those that don't know Aggie traditions, the student center at aTm is a memorial and you aren't supposed to go on the grass). This isn't the student center, just Chris being silly. 
It was so good to laugh. To laugh really hard. With just him.
Hands down my favorite place on campus. All Faiths Chapel. I wish I could bottle up that smell. And steal the chair in on the back row. So many journals have been filled up sitting in those blue velvet seats. And one life was drastically changed. 
 Chris was intent to walking under the Century Tree together (another Aggie thing for engaged or married people only). We danced. And laughed some more.
I showed Chris a giant field some friends and I went body surfing in the mud one day. Chris decided to do it. It wasn't raining. He got grass stains. We are still laughing about it.
This place caused me to skip more classes than I feel comfortable admitting. This was my place. Tucked behind some trees, with the water surrounding, a wonderful blanket and a good book. Heavenly. 
It wouldn't be a trip to campus without a parking ticket. Chris and I had bet going on if we would get a ticket since we parked in an illegal spot. I assured him it's just Friday. It's just campus security. When we walked up the tow truck man was hooking up our car. Thankfully they let us go with just a ticket. Oops. 
Then we headed to our B&B, The 7F Lodge. Thank you DuBrocs and Hearns for a FABULOUS recommendation!!!! We knew it would be perfect when we hit the dirt road. Love it. 
Our little weekend cabin. Perfection.
Sat on this porch, with this view, with a cool breeze, and my Bible, journal and a book for hours. 
They have a little wedding chapel on property. So sweet. 
 Of course we skipped the B&B that night to go watch the Cardinals playoff game.
But the game went long. So we asked the manager if we could stay till they left. He said yes. The TV was literally the last thing to shut down. 
But the game wasn't over. So we raced down Texas Avenue and found a new spot to finish the game. 
 Then Saturday we went to my very favorite place to eat in Bryan/College Station:
Then my husband agreed to go to a few antique stores. I can't tell you how many times he said, "This looks like an overprice garage sale. This stuff is crap." The fact that we found this picture for $2 didn't help. So tempted to buy it for the next White Elephant party I go to.
I found this pillow at a boutique in downtown Bryan. Loved what it says. 
And guess what else we discovered? Chris got his first grey hair! Do you see it? 
 The next day on our way out of town we stopped at my favorite coffee shop, Sweet Eugenes. I worked there for a year in college. And while we were there my old boss happened to be there!

The weekend was perfect. So what we needed.

What's your favorite place to go travel close to home?