the past few months...

We took a road trip to San Antonio with some of our friends. This was our car driving up there (Jonathan, Chris, Paula and myself). We spent most of the time talking on the walkie-talkie with the other car, singing and laughing a lot!!!

Chris' twin brother, Jason, joined us for the weekend. He was late to his flight so he ditched his bags and got on the plane with just a toothbrush. How fun is that?

We remembered the Alamo.

My old roomies: Jen, Paula and Erin. I miss those girls so much!!!!

I got a new haircut. Sorry, you can't see all of it. This was the best I could do by myself. Trust me it is cute and I need to wear it down more so you can see for yourself!

We had our first scare. A couple of days late and two weeks of nausea had us worried. I finally started my period and took a test to be sure. Then I wrapped it all up and had a present waiting for Chris when he got home. The smile still hasn't gone away. Less than two months of being married, we aren't ready for a baby yet.

Please notice the man tight rope walking behind Chris. Y'all when we first got there he had a rope tied to another tree and he was balancing on it laying down like a hammock. He was beyond entertaining for us.

Of course when we renovated our house the one thing we didn't change was the plumbing!! Praise God J-Mor (Jonathan) is such a man and knows houses so well, he came over and ripped out our (brand new) sheet rock and found the leak. Finding a plumber and $200 later we are good to go.

My friends were racing in the marathon the other weekend and we went to support them. Chris is a flag hugger.

Paula and Erin ran the half marathon!!!

And Jen ran the 5k!

We made signs that we had at the 5, 7, 12 and final mile markers.

Every month we take my two cousins, Kate and Erinn, on a date. Last month we took them to the Festival of Lights down in Galveston. We had so much fun!

And finally, we babysat for precious Ella Skaggs. We played dress up like we were going to the beach. She had so much fun... and so did we! When she likes something she throws her hands in the air (see above) and yells "Yeeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!"