Ped Xing

So my mom told me a funny story the other day...

I was talking to her about some friends that live by the Jewish Community Center here in Houston. Since she used to live around there growing up she started getting all sentimental remembering the good ole days.

Then she said I have a confession that I've never told anyone before.

This could be really interesting if you know my mom. :)

She said: "You know those Pedestrian Crossing signs how they say Ped Xing with people on top?"

Me: "Yeah, what about them?"

Mom: "Well, the only place I ever noticed them growing up were the signs in front of the Jewish Community Center. My whole life I never got what Ped Xing (she's saying zing) meant. I just always assumed it must be some Jewish thing. It wasn't till high school that I figured it out."

Me: (dying laughing) "It's a miracle you have a doctorate Mom."

Anyway, I hope that makes you smile today. Now any time you see that sign you can laugh.