Pet Peeves

I am not the kind of person that really gets annoyed that easily. I tend to genuinely enjoy life and people that I am around. But there are two things that annoy me almost every day…

WORD VERIFICATION. Why? Why do all my blogging friends have word verification. And how come every time I type the word in right does it make me retype the word as if I didn’t type it right. Friends, what is the purpose of the word verification?

And finally, and this has been a life long battle: SLURPPING. Why do people feel the need to slurp things? I can understand sipping things, but not slurping. Last night Chris and I went to Starbucks to play Skipbo for date night, there was a man there that slurped is Venti drink the whole time! This all started with my brother. For some reason growing up he was too tired to eat his cereal like a normal person. He always felt the need to scoop up the cereal, slurp the milk of the spoon then comp down the cereal (while moaning occasionally). I am certain this is why I am not a breakfast person. I have another friend (and you know who you are) that feels it necessary to slurp the remaining coke that is left on a coke can after each sip. Why?

I’m not really in a bad mood but I thought I would voice those two frustrations since I have NOTHING to blog about.