First, don't judge me for what I'm about to say. I'm really not making fun of these women, I am just baffled by their actions. I'm going to fill you all in on a little known phenomenon that only staff at Houston's First get to fully experience. Curious?

Tuesday night Beth Moore, a fabulous teacher of The Word, has Bible Study here. For those of you who don't know her she is to many Christian women what Billy Graham was in his prime (like that man has ever not been in his prime) to Americans, primarily Christians. It might shock some of you to know that her Bible study has grown to nearly fill up our entire sanctuary on a Tuesday night (seats 3,000 people).

But that's not the phenomenon.

Today as I was running my errands around the church (that's what I call them since I have to walk 1/a a mile to get any where in this building) at 3:30 PM (mind you Bible study doesn't even begin till 6:30 pm, the doors don't even open till 6:00pm) 2 women are already sitting on the floor outside of the doors.

It cracks me up each week the craze that some women have for her-- which is in no way solicited by herself or her ministry. I understand that she has been a huge catalyst in many people's lives (mine being one of them), but the obsession in a bit scary. Then it is hilarious to watch women literally jumping over rows of chairs to be in the front section. I have literally been pushed over so that someone could get my seat.

When I first became a Christian I started coming to Houston's First and got plugged in with the youth group. But after I graduated high school I was looking for a new class and a place to get some good teaching (since I didn't want to get plugged in with the college class since I didn't live here permanently any more). So for years I attended Beth Moore's sunday school class having NO CLUE who she was. Not a single clue y'all. She was always my sunday school teacher. I can remember one Sunday, being so desperate for a mentor, walking up to her to ask if she'd mentor me. I wanted a woman that love the Lord, loved to teach, loved her man and loved her kids. She fit the bill. I still remember the kindness in her words and face when she told me she couldn't commit to that right now since her ministry was expanding. Little did I know I'd go back to Texas A & M that fall and find out that the entire nation knew who she was!

She will always be my sunday school teacher in my mind. And a woman that has mentored me without even knowing it. Feeling a great desire and calling to teach The Word, I have learned so much from her over the years... and she never even knew.