Pics with Fam: Cardinals v. Astros

Nils, Katie and Emery came in on Sunday to spend the week! Oh has it been SUCH A GREAT WEEK and we are only half way through it!!

We kicked it off in the most appropriate way: Cardinals v. Astros game. We had fabulous seats in the Club Level (and can I just say they have WAY better food on that level). This game is a lot of fun because my brother is a life long Astros fan and Chris, we all know, is a tad obsessed with the Cardinals.

There was lots of trash talk, lots of eating (I had a chili cheese dog and chicken nachos, don't judge me), lots of entertainment (mostly provided by Emery)... and the Cards won! :)

Here are some pics of the day:

Don't they just make such a beautiful family? It's no wonder Ems is so gorgeous!

This man isn't in our family, but he was a random old man wearing a shirt that said "Brad Pitt." It just made me laugh.

Her latest trick is making noises with her lips and tongue. You know those noises that also include a shower. ;)

Chris loves his niece. A lot.

And she loves him.

But most of all, she loves Karis. She has been playing the drums on my belly all week. She did this for a while and then realized that just above my belly were the perfect cymbols. Grin. It was hilarious. Then when she tired of that, she gave my belly a big kiss (no prompting by any of us).

The sweetest moment of the whole game for this Aunt. First she fell asleep on my chest, but that got hot for both of us. So I slid her into my lap and her and Karis had their first nap together. It was funny though because I don't think Karis liked sharing her Momma because she kept kicking Emery's head and made it jiggle several times.

Family pic by the field.

Katie and I both married men that can't pass up free things. Even though we had club level seats we were one of the last to leave so we could collect as many free cups as possible.