A Picture Challenge and Update

My friend, Annalee, shared about a photo challenge on her blog. It's a challenge to gives you a specific thing to take a pic of each day. I've gotten so lazy at both taking pics. But I always love a challenge, so I'm joining in for the February Photo a Day Challenge at Fat Mum Slim.

And just for fun, I thought I'd upload some fun pics from January.

Last Wed during accountability we heard the rain pouring down outside. Y'all it was calling my name. As a young child if it rained we didn't stay in, we went out. I have such fun memories as a little girl running up and down our streets dancing in the rain and splashing the puddles. So I was so eager to do this with Karis and some of her favorite friends.

Note to self: January (even a warm January) isn't the best month to do that in. She loved it when I was spinning her around but didn't love it just dripping on her. And she was cold. Nice one mom. ;)

My friend, Erin Stearns, let Karis try on her wedding ring. Y'all can see (and if you follow me on Facebook, have seen again and again) that my girl is obsessed with jewelry.

It's so fun that Karis loves bows now. She used to rip them off as soon as I put them on. But then we did "Bow Boot Camp." Basically Karis responds really well to positive reinforcement. So for weeks and weeks I over positively reinforced the bows. And it worked.

Well the other day I put her sparkle headband on her (her favorite) and she started grunting and point at the pink poof one. So I switched. Then she started grunting and pointing at the silver one, so I switched. After a few rounds of this, I realized she wanted both. Once I put them both on she smiled and then walked away. 

We've been working on feeding herself with silverware and sandwiches that are like real sandwiches (instead of each item torn up on her tray). It has been very messy and very fun! 

Karis really loves it when she can help me unload the dishwasher. And when I say help, I mean "help." Because let's be honest it takes 10 times longer, but is also 10 times more fun this way. 

Such a cuddle bug with her favorite. 

 This is a mix of her stink face and kissy face. Isn't it hilarious?

It has been a very interesting week and a half.  She broke a bottom K9 tooth last week, and this week the the top 2 are breaking through and the other one is swollen (so about to break). I feel like I'm living with a 13 year old PMSing for the first time, but really she's just 17 months. Wow. You can pray for an abundance of compassion for me.

We almost called the Fire Department one night last week. We came home to our kitchen full of smoke because the dishwasher was smoking. We decided to call 24 maintenance instead of the Fire Department. Good call. Since when the maintenance man came, it ended up being a plastic item had fallen on the heater thing in the dishwasher and melted it. (P.S. I love not owning a home and when things like that happen someone else comes and fixes it and you don't owe them a dime!)

On laundry day Karis took over my hamper.  She wanted herself and her fav toys in with her. And loved being pulled all over the house.

I'm so ready for her to have hair. So ready. But until then, I will keep playing and seeing. Each week I try to see if she can do pigtails. This has been our most recent attempt. It's ok to laugh.

And that is all I have for you today my friends.

Like I said random. So looking forward to the photo challenge! Let me know if you are going to do it too!