Picture: Happy (Girly) Monday

Karis cracks me up with her love for accessories. It is really getting hilarious. She's been loving wearing my necklaces and bracelets for a while (first thing she puts on after she is done with breakfast).

A couple of weeks ago I let her start playing with my makeup. She will sit on the floor, still for the entire time (gasp!), and play with my brushes. She is totally mesmerized by it all.

Well this past weekend when I was getting ready for a Christmas party I let her try on my fancy headband and clip on earrings (aren't they stunning? $15 at a antique store!).

The funny thing is she was just like this for at least 5 minutes-- she could not stop staring at herself in the mirror and was really still. Well after 5 minutes I wanted to take off the earrings because they don't have the pads on them yet and actually hurt to wear. But when I took off the earrings and headband she screamed. I'm all about choosing battles right now and since there was no reason to take them away I gave them back. She immediately got quite and went back to staring at herself.

I hope she gives you a nice little chuckle this morning. Oh my girl is so full of personality!