Picture: It's a girl thing!

Having a little girl you can only hope (if you are this way) that she will love things you love. Specifically speaking that you will share a love for all things girl. More specifically that she will want to do dress up and all that. That she will like purses. That she will want jewelry, etc. Maybe once she is old enough to actually buy these things I'll feel differently.

A month or so ago I let Karis play around with some of my necklaces and shoes. 

Well since we moved she has become OBSESSED with wearing and carrying around my necklaces.


And yesterday I pulled my grandmas old purse from the 50s out that I loved as a child too. And y'all, she picked it right up and started carrying it around like she knew just what to do!

Maybe it's just a woman thing that we know what to do with things like this.