Picture Update

We had an AMAZING anniversary celebration (nov 24th). We both took the day off. We slept in. Had lunch at Maggianos, yum! Headed to Green Park downtown and walked around for a while. Then checked-in to Hotel Icon for 24 hours of just us time! After that we headed to New Braunfels for the rest of the week/Thanksgiving to spend time with my family (some how I managed to take zero pictures). 

We happened to stop at a bench and it was the very one that Houston's First, my church and work, sponsored! 
This is a gazebo at the new park downtown. It's made completely out of mirrors and licence plates. FYI: girls, don't wear a skirt and stand in the gazebo. After I was already in the middle of it I realized the floor is made out of mirrors and I was wearing a skirt! Yikes! :)
The lobby of our hotel, Hotel Icon,  in downtown Houston. This is where we stayed on our wedding night. Chris totally surprised me with the room. He had a big jacuzzi tub. And he had bath butler come and prepare a bath. They set up candles and rose petals, bath salts and oils. So fun and fancy! We had the most special time of prayer together when we first got there and really got to dream that night about where we want our family to go in the future. 
We decided to go to the fancy restaurant in the lobby. They have a 6 course meal that the Chef prepares special for each couple it was SO fancy! The first thing they brought out was a basket of different breads and 3 kinds of butter and a  soup cappuccino. Sounds gross but it was really good. Chris was a little nervous at the beginning that we'd have to order a pizza when we got back to our room, but we were really full by the 6th course!
This was one of the two meat entree courses. Melt in your mouth good!
This was Chris' face after we got the bill. Apparently they don't give any discounts for anniversaries. :) I will say though that Chris didn't bat an eye this whole anniversary celebration. Anything was game!! Thanks pumpky!
We date night with Cassi and Dustin Odom at least once a week and love hanging out with them! This was a really fun date night because our hubbies agreed to go to Taste of Texas. One of our favorite things about that place is that you get to wait for an hour. So we brought the dominoes and enjoyed unlimited and FREE drinks, chips and salsa. Then we devoured the salad bar (only $8.95 for all you can eat). 
Some of our two favorite kiddos in the whole world are Seth (or Seffie) and Ella Skaggs. Joel and Emily needed to go look at houses and have their house inspected, so they dropped them off at our place. That was a totally different baby sitting experience having a toddler and an infant here in our home. We definitely have some baby proofing to do before we think about babies (not any time soon). Ella was so excited the whole time. I think we switched activities every 5 minutes: water color, dancing in front of the mirrors, 3 movies, playing on the bed with the canopy, painting toes, and baking a cake with Chris!
Seth, of course, was just as happy as could be. He is making so many faces now and I got tons of smiles and a few laughs out of him-- totally melted my heart!!!
My last post said it might snow and guess what? IT DID!!! Chris and I couldn't believe it. If you are anywhere north of Houston, you wouldn't have even considered it snow, but to us it was a big deal-- this kind of "snow storm" only hits once every 5 years. 
We decided to start a new tradition of putting up our tree on November 1st. We have LOVED having it up for so long. The reason, before you judge us, is because we literally live out the movie "Four Christmases!" Both coming from divorced homes we are about to embark on the Christmas tour. So blogging my be sporadic, if at all, over the next couple of weeks. 
In case you are wondering where all we are going, see if you can guess... Here are the daily highs for the next 15 days (according to accuweather.com): 45, 56, 76, 53, 49, 26, 27, 38, 70, 69, 69, 70, 70, 74, 73... all I can say is praise God Southwest still gives you 2 bags included with your airfare. We can't wait to see our families!!