Picture Update: Birthday Week

Growing up I was a firm believer in not just a birthday, but a birthday week. So I fully intend on doing that with our family-- making the whole week surrounding their birthday as special for them as possible.

It's been a while since I posted some every day pictures of our life, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite from the past week...

Chris took 2 days off work so we could have just the three of us time for her birthday. Originally we had planned on going to Galveston and staying at Moody Gardens for a couple of days. But then we decided to save the money and commit to nothing productive (hard for both of us) and everything meaningful here in town.

We started off her birthday morning with breakfast at IHOP. This is a face she is making now when she is trying to do her posed smile. Isn't it hilarious?

There's no faking the smile when it comes to her love of pancakes. Girlfriend ate an entire pancake and a scrambled egg and an entire bottle. Keep scrolling and you will see how full her belly is getting. 

After a nap we headed to the splash pad (where her party would be) and we were the only ones there most of the time. This was the first time she let us keep her sun hat on (of course as summer is ending). She loved having Daddy's full attention and no big kids running over her. 

For dinner we hit up one of her favorites-- Taste of Texas. She loves fruit, cheese and bread so much, so we did their salad bar (Houstonians, this is a totally affordable date night... and if you want to splurge they do have amazing steaks too). We took Erin and Mik with us and you can tell Karis was very happy with that decision. 

Taste of Texas brings you a dessert with a sparkler in it. Karis' expression to the sparkler and song was hilarious. 

But her reaction to eating the cake was even funnier. She couldn't get enough of it. I loved how the raspberry drizzle made her look like she had put on lipstick real sloppy. So funny to see how hyper the sugar made her-- she talked so fast and loud the whole way home. 

The next day we picked up Ella Skaggs and headed to the Children's Museum for a "sister day." Ella took her role as "big sister" very important and wanted to show Karis around and teach her everything.

Baby girl was totally wiped out by the time we made it to the car. Ella talked her to sleep before we'd even pulled out of the parking lot. 

Finally the day of her First Birthday Party. How is it possible?

Can you believe we used to be against kissing kids on the lips? We were so silly! I love how she gives big open mouth kisses now.

When we sang her happy birthday this was her face. I was dying laughing. 

Taking a bite of cupcake...


I think she liked it. (P.S. Big thank you to my Aunt Lori, Natalie, and Bethany for doing such a fabulous job making these from scratch!)

 I didn't want a ton of decorations, but I did want to do something sentimental. I thought it would be fun to do a picture banner, but I couldn't figure out how to do it by water and wind and heat. Someone suggested putting them in sheet protectors. So I printed out some of my favorites, put the day that it was in her life, put it in the sheet protector, hole punched it at the top and strung it on a line. It was my favorite part of the set up. Made a public park way more personal.

After that we headed home for naps. However Karis was too hyped up on sugar and didn't sleep a wink. Then we headed to my Dad's house for the family party. I feel like I should state again, not a single nap. Also, lots of stimulation. And lots of sugar. Add that all up and you can only guess what a delightful little girl we had on our hands (please read sarcastically).

I love how Emery and Karis love each other. Adorable.

After we sang Happy Birthday we sat both the girls in diapers on the table and let them go to town. It was my favorite moment of the entire day. 

And as soon as that was done, Karis and I hopped straight back to the pool to rinse off. 

It was her party and she cried cause she wanted to. 

I told Chris at the end of the day that it felt like our wedding day. I enjoyed it so much. Truly loved every minute. But it all went by too fast. Thankful for all our friends and family who made it so special. And especially for so many of our family members who came so far for it!