A Picture Update from Karis

I wanted to share a few pictures of the past couple weeks of my life. Some very important things have happened that just couldn't wait for the Month Birthday posts.

This is my Daddy and Mommy. They love me so very much that they took part in a special service at our church called Parent Commitment. Other churches call it Baby Dedication. Mommy and Daddy stood before a lot of our family, friends and our Pastor and committed to raise me in a home that loves Jesus and others.

This is our family of three.
Who do you think I'm looking like?
Some swear I look just like my Daddy and other swear I look just like my Mommy. Mommy always says that I look like Karis and it doesn't matter who I look like because I'm the most beautiful baby she's every seen.

This is us with Pastor Gregg on stage. He read my name and the meaning of it: grace, God' s gift. And then read a portion of the verse Mommy and Daddy pray over me: Psalm 139.

Mommy's favorite part on me is my smooshy cheeks. She kisses them all day long. I mean all day long. Also, my Mommy likes to put ridiculously large things on my head. I don't mind much. Although I have started playing hide-n-seek when I wear them by pulling them over my eyes.
Remember when I said A LOT of people were there. I wasn't kidding. I have 4 sets of grandparents, tons of cousins, tons of uncles, one aunt, and lots of great aunts... well you get the point! This wasn't even everyone in my family, but it was all the family there. On top of that there were lots of friends there that are practically family.
This is me with my Uncle Colton. When he is here I give all my attention to him. He is so funny and I just love to cuddle with him.
And this is my KuKu. You can see by the expression he is making why I call him KuKu. He might be a little crazy but he sure makes me laugh! He drove all the way from Lubbock with Colton to see me for the weekend.
After that weekend Mommy took me to see Uncle Nils, Aunt Katie and Emery with my Mimi (who I also call Grandma now) and Pops. Mommy didn't get as many pictures as usual because she got a really bad stomach bug (no, she's not pregnant). This is my favorite little girl in the whole world. I wish I could see her every day. I want to be just like her.
And this is my one and only Aunt. You can see how much I love her. I gave her some special giggles just to make sure she knew.
What do you think, do I look anything like my big cousin?
Doesn't she have the most beautiful eyes?! If her parents weren't so normal, I would recommend she get on Toddlers and Tiaras.
Grandma wanted to give me my very first bath in a sink. I liked it because I love looking in mirrors and my Grandma is really funny too.
But my Pops makes me smiles the most. He can make some crazy animal noises!
This is my very good friend, CJ Webster. We rode in the back seat of the buggie together on Sunday. Bow Chica Bow Wow! My Daddy pushed the buggie though and kept a close eye on him!
I love being outside and we had some pretty days last week in Houston. So I got to have a picnic with Mommy and Daddy.
Guess what I started? Baby food! I have had green beans, squash, peas and carrots so far. I didn't like peas at all. But I am loving carrots! Next up sweet potatoes, then I get fruit!
On Sunday we were able to go to the Zoo. My Grammy got me a membership for Christmas and we've already gone 3 times this month. I love riding around with my Daddy in the Baby Bjorn.
Mommy loves my blue eyes. She stares at them all day long.
Have I mentioned that I don't like Tummy Time? Well I don't. I've showed Mom so many times that I can roll over, so I don't know why she keeps putting me on my tummy. So I've started to try pouting (or, as Mommy says, having a 5 month old tantrum)-- I bury my face in the blanket and sob.
We are pretty sure I'm teething because I like to go to town chewing on all my toys now.
Guess what I started doing this week? I can sit up all by myself! I have been sitting up propped up for a few weeks. But this week I surprised Mommy by not following over for a really really long time. Mommy still keeps the pillows behind me in case I fall over, but I don't touch them any more. Nope, I can sit up all by myself. (Mommy apologizes for the bad cropping job on my head. Oops.)
I was so excited I had to call my very best friend on Skype and tell her, Cousin Emery. They were really proud of me.
Well it has been nice chatting. Hope you have a nice weekend!

Love, Karis Kiser