Picture Update from Karis

Hi! This is Karis. Mommy took a bunch of pictures to help me show you what has been going on in my life this past week. Hope you enjoy!

I have two teeth now! Mommy says she isn't sure who it was harder on-- her or me. You can sort of tell in this picture-- they are the two little ones on the bottom. The one of the right broke through one day and 3 days later the one next to it broke. Not a great week in the Kiser house.

The doorway jumper is one of my favorites. I open my mouth real wide and squeal most of the time.

I take a bath every night, but this week I finally graduated to the big tub since I can sit up really well all by myself now. I loved it and stayed in there for 30 minutes! I love to splash around and I even have bathtub toys that I can chew on. This is the life.

Don't worry, I'm not crawling yet. But I am practicing. I can hold myself up like this for almost a minute. But I don't really like it too much, so I just roll over to get out of it.

My friend Emilee had a birthday and we all got to dress up. I don't have any dress up clothes, so my mom just put a bunch of frilly pink things on me. Emilee was so sweet and wanted to hold my hand and for me to sit in her lap. Since she was the birthday girl I did whatever she wanted.

This is one of my favorite friends Hannah Schneider. Mommy can't get over how beautiful her eyes are. And she is the sweetest sharer-- she let's me borrow her clothes since she was born just a year before me. What a very generous friend!

This is my other friends Ashton Fuller with his Daddy. His Daddy does this crazy flying trick with him. My Dad said he would never do it with me... but it sure looks like fun, maybe I'll change is mind one day.

I sure do think that Jake Rabe is dreamy.

He and his Dad are super laid back. His dad and my dad are in an accountability group together. I sure do miss my Dad on Monday nights, but I love that he has good guy friends that challenge him and make him a better Daddy.

Jemma Folloder is one of my very best friends. Mommy said this picture is one of her favorites she has ever captured. She said this is the picture of friendship. That this won't be the first time I cry to Jemma about something and for her to patiently listen to me. She is such a good friend.

And Jemma's Daddy, Uncle Clay, sure does make me laugh! (If you look close you can see those teeth again.)

Since it was a dress up party, I thought I'd try out a few things. Everyone thought it was funny how I would grab the hat and tip it forward. They said I would be perfect for Toddlers and Tiaras. Daddy didn't think that was funny for some reason.

Mommy couldn't stop laughing when I was posing with the top hat.

Do I look like a celebrity?

I heart my Mommy so.

And I heart my Daddy too.

I hope you have a good weekend too.
Or as my Daddy says: MAKE it a good weekend!