Picture Update of Karis is Here!

Karis was feeling a little neglected and sad that we hadn't uploaded any pictures recently...

So I decided to do this during her nap today.

Seriously though, doesn't my daughter have the MOST dramatic pout you've ever seen? It cracks me up daily. Sometimes I let her cry a little longer just to see how dramatic it gets.

Please don't call CPS on me.

This is what Karis' face usually looks like. She is VERY expressive, especially with her eyebrows. Like her Daddy, her facial expressions will always give her away. This is a blessing and a curse, baby girl!

We taught her this new trick: kiss your parents back on the cheek. She's a genius right?

By the way, for those of you wondering, we are still on the fence with the whole kissing on the lips thing. We are leaning towards you all being right-- we think we will kiss her on the lips. It's just taking some time to get past our weirdness. It's totally us, not her. She is adorable and her lips are delicious. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, read this blog).

The other day we went to have lunch with Daddy. It has been absolutely beautiful here in Houston, so we had lunch on the patio at Star Pizza. Yummy.

I told you she was expressive with those eyebrows.

This past weekend we went to San Antonio to see Nils (my brother), Katie (my sister-in-law) and Emery (my niece). We always love our times together and wish we lived in the same city desperately. But Katie came up with this fab idea for us to each go to the other every other month. That way we get to see one another each month. Since it was Katie's birthday week, we went to her.

Before you see the pictures, can I just say that taking a six week old on a 3 hour drive wasn't the most fun thing we've ever done. It took 5 1/2 hours to get there. It was traumatic. Chris and I said a lot of things to each other we wish wouldn't have. And said sorry just as many. By the end of it we just laughed at ourselves a lot. One day we will learn... we hope.

Nils and Katie both had the magic touch on Karis. She slept SOOOOO good while we were there. She kept her 6-7 hours/night gig up AND started taking a 3 hour afternoon nap too.

She had kept it up until yesterday, we are an hour into the nap now, so hoping it will come back.

Ems was either interested or totally not interested in Karis. Katie and Nils had taught her how to say baby. So she'd look at Karis often and say in the sweetest high pitched voice, "be-be." Oh, melts my heart just thinking about her cuteness.

Words cannot express how much I love this little one. Is there anything cuter than a baby that just woke up? No, no there are not.

Baby girl's bare feet. Yes they are big, blame it on every male being over 6 foot on both sides of our family.

She got to see her Mamaw and Papaw while we were there. She was quite cozy in Mamaw's arms, she even took another really long nap. And she showed off her new tricks of smiling.

More Big Talk with Papaw. Not sure if she likes the advice he gave her. What do you think?

I just love her.

Yes she is just six weeks and I had her in her Bumbo. Again, don't call CPS. Our friends, the Cabiros, came over for dinner and I pulled it out for their son, Luke. So the next day I thought I'd see how she fit in it. She actually liked being in it.

This is Chris' favorite thing to do her. He loves the way it smooshes her face up.

After bath time. She loves bath time but hates coming out of it. As soon as she is dried off, she is happy again.

As promised, a picture with Gigi (my step mom). They came for dinner and to celebrate Karis' one month birthday.

And last but not least, Chris bought me this gift yesterday from him and Karis. He has bought a Willow Tree figurine for me at each of our life stages. And I had had a rough day that day and the day before. It was so thoughtful.