Pillow Fight

Sleeping with a man can take some adjusting. I am figuring this out more and more each night.

This past Friday night my sweet husband must have realized that he had pushed his pillow on to the floor. Because I woke up to him yanking mine from under my head! He then put it under his head and held on to it and scooted over! My exhaustion won over how shocked I was by what had just happend and I laid my head on the mattress and fell back asleep.

When I told Chris the next morning what he had done he felt so bad. I thought it was hilarious thought and still start laughing about it for no reason at all. He has apologized about 100 times. He even woke up in the middle of the night last night wanting to make sure he wasn’t hogging any of the blankets (something else he does)... or pillows.

So that was our first pillow fight. :)