Pintrest Project: My Hair

I've been wanting to do something with my hair for a while now. When we first got married I was still doing the highlight thing and had gotten a shorter style with bangs (after the wedding grow out).

That was 4 years ago.

Since then I've grown out all my highlights and went totally natural. And just kept it long and grew out the bangs. But it's been a long time with the same style. Too long.

If we weren't friends in high school or college, one thing you should know about me is I love change (much to Chris' dismay). And an easy change for a girl is your hair style. So literally each month I would do something new-- color and/or cut. My hair has been every shade of the rainbow (nearly): blonde blonde to black... even some blue streaks for fun one time.

So I have been itching to do something. Well the other day I saw this picture on Pintrest and I decided not to make a rash decision and if I was still thinking about it in a couple of weeks, I'd go for it.

Well I decided to do the cut, but not the color. So I made an appointment at my favorite salon in Houston (Josephine's), and had some bangs cut and more long layers added.

But driving home I just couldn't get the idea of the brown color out of my head. Thankfully there is a Walgreens right next door to us and I pulled in grabbed a box of medium brown and headed home.

This was the results:

I love it. I know most prefer blonde on me (so don't feel bad if you don't like it), but I just love brown so much more!

But y'all I had to share with you what Chris said about it: "Mysterious... and not in a good way!"My favorite things and least favorite thing about Chris is his honesty. You can ALWAYS count on him to tell it to you straight. I will give it to him that he has totally warmed up to it and has even said he really likes it now (still prefers blonde though, but likes the price tag of this color more). Like I said, he doesn't do well with change.

P.S. Is it a little weird that I got all sentimental when I smelt the hair dye. It brought back so many fun memories of high school and college with some of my best friends. I smiled a lot during that 25 minute process time.