Playing House

Chris and I babysat for some friends of ours the other night. They have the two most adorable kids-- a 3 year old girl (although she told me she was 10 while holding up 4 fingers) and a four month old boy. Chris and I have always loved babysitting together. It so much fun to practice parenting since we aren't ready for kids yet. I repeat for aunts and moms: WE ARE NOT READY FOR KIDS YET.

There is something about watching Chris with kids that makes me love him in a new way every time. I love seeing men take time to love on kids. Most guys are so afraid to hold newborns and Chris had never really held a baby (or at least not in a while). But he jumped right in and took care of the little guy. While me and their little girl played dress up and sang all night long! I love watching Chris talk to them and play with them. He has such a heart to be a good daddy one day. I know that he won't just be good but he'll be the best ever. He always puts family first and I know our kids are going to be so blessed to have him!

If you are a married with kids, be sure to appreciate your hubby today and encourage him for being the dad he is. We have a very powerful role as women-- we can build our men up or totally tear them down. If you aren't married, be praying now for your man that he will be a great daddy one day and love kids like you do.