Please Pray: Teaching Tonight

Tonight is Captivated Together. You've only heard me talk about this ministry 1,583,297 times. But here we go again because I so believe in the purpose of this ministry and have personally experienced the breath of fresh air it brings once a month to my walk. I get giddy the entire week before the next meeting. The worship is amazing-- love hearing just women's voices together. The teaching seems to be dead on (like whoever has lead must have sneaked a peak at my journal). The small groups have been the biggest unexpected blessing (we get real fast and we love each other deeply even though we see each other all together just once a month).

So I wasn't even going to talk about my love for it. But again, it takes over.

Two things I did want to say:

First, if you are an 18 - early 30s lady, I so hope you make every effort to come tonight (really every time). It will be a breath of fresh air for you too. We meet at 7pm in the Chapel at Houston's First. We do some worship, teaching, small groups and something with our CT Team afterwards each time. We aim to end at 9pm each time (but we are ladies and we all like to talk, so usually it's more like 9:15p). HERE is the facebook page for details. 

Second, I am asking for you to pray specifically tonight for the teaching time. Why? Well it's my turn (and true honor) to teach. We will be talking about Choosing Life when life is hard. To say that I have been running from this topic would be an understatement. I wanted something light hearted and fun. Something that would bring laughter. But I know that I know that I know that I need to address this topic. That we need to see what the Word has to say about where in the world He is when life is hard and how we are to respond to it all.

So what to pray:
-That I would have boldness laced with so much grace, love and hope. My biggest fear (that is a healthy fear) is that this would come across as a churchy quick fix or self help. I want the Word and what is offers us to really come alive.
-That the women would lay down their masks of "I'm fine" and be raw before the Lord tonight. That they would be honest, maybe for the first time, with themselves, with Jesus and with one another of where they are and what is going on in their lives.
-That HOPE would be found. At the end the CT Team (Tammie, Kim, Debra, Gina and Tiffany) will be doing a panel and I've asked them all to share a season of hurt they have actually come through and share how they saw the Lord in it and how they chose life through it. Pray for them for inspiration and that every lady in attendance would be able to connect with at least one story.

Thank you so much for being available and willing to hear what's going on and pray. Thankful for each of you. If you want to post a way I can be praying for you I promise I will (maybe not today since I'm about to log off for the rest of the day, but tomorrow). Love you.