Please Solve an Argument!

So Chris and I are having an argument... I mean discussion. :)

It's really ridiculous, but I need your wisdom friends!

Two Questions:
1. Is Friday night considered a weekDAY or the start of the weekEND?
2. Also, and this one really is just a bonus, do you consider Sunday a weekend night or a week night?

For further help this is what Websters Dictionary says: the end of the week; specifically : the period between the close of one work or school week and the start of the next.

In case you are wondering what are opinions are:
Chris: He thinks Friday is a weekday and Saturday and Sunday is the weekend.
Becky: I think that the weekend starts the moment you get off work/school on Friday and ends Sunday night (since you have to wind down/go to bed early for work/school) .

Ok bloggy friends, help a sister out!

P.S. CASL Questions Part 2 and Segue Questions Coming Soon! I was out of town and been sick lately, but I almost have the questions and answers ready for you very soon! :)