Political Science = A+

Tonight for date night Chris and I exercised our right to vote. I am usually anti-early voting because I just feel more a part of things voting on November 4th. But my hubby is SUPER into this election and going tonight totally made his day! 

We stood in line for probably 30 minutes. Not too bad. They gave me a code to put into the computer. What? Computer?! What happened to filling in the circles. Y'all it took me two times of stabbing the computer screen to realize that it wasn't a touch screen. I should have had to forfeit my right to vote right there. Wow. 
This was my third time to vote and thanks to my hubby, I feel the most informed this time around. 
When we were in line I remembered a funny story from my childhood. My dad and step mom, Robin, said one time when I was a little girl that when a husband and wife don't vote the same then the votes are cancelled out. I used to be so confused by this and a little disgusted with our government. That's not far that if a husband and wife didn't vote the same way that they wouldn't count the others. But it dawned on me (unfortunately, recently) that it wasn't that the government cancelled them out, but the votes cancelled each other out. One vote for each team is the same as no votes for each team. Wow Becky. But I really was a blond as a child so I have that excuse. :)
Point of all of this: Go vote! Even if you are from a state, like me, where it probably doesn't matter anyway, it will be a certain color. It's your right. Men and women fight every day for us to have this right. Not to mention, there is some very interesting people watching that happens in those lines.