Pray for Jen (in Cairo, Egypt)

One of my very best friends, Jen Cates, moved to Egypt a year and a half ago to teach. While it sounded kind of scary at first (to us and her) it has turned out to be an adventure of a lifetime. She has been able to travel all over (and bought Karis a dress in each country she goes to). And more than that she has grown so much spiritually and personally. To say I'm proud of her is an understatement.

Remember how I said things seemed scary, but haven't been?
Well things finally got scary.

In case you aren't one to follow the news (no judgment here, I'm hit or miss with it), let me give you a sneak peak at what's been going on in Cairo this week:

Go HERE to look at some pictures.
You won't even believe it if I tried to describe it to you.
You have to see for yourselves.

Where Jen used to live is right in the middle of all the protests.
Thankfully just a few months ago she moved to the suburbs to have more community with her church. Praise God.
However, her new apartment is across the street from a mosque (a high risk target for more attacks).

So please take a moment to pray as you feel the Lord lead you.
I'm praying for Jen's safety. I'm praying for Jen and the Christians among her to be bold in sharing their faith during this time. (And VERY selfishly, I'm hoping this will bring her home sooner.)

I'll be sure to post updates on this blog post in the comments.
But you can follow Jen's blog HERE and twitter HERE. She said she'd post updates when able (currently they've shut down all forms of communication).

Thank you for praying! Appreciate y'all more than you know!