This Christmas, Becky and I have decided to not give each other presents for a lot of different reasons... money, understanding that presents don't communicate worth, etc. That is until Dad's pastor Brad mentioned the dynamics of a husband and wife buying Christmas gifts for each other. Then we both really wanted to get each other SOMETHING, regardless of what it was. It's Christmas after all...

So we're standing in line at the Lubbock airport waiting to check in for our flight and we start brainstorming. "What could we get each other..." All of a sudden, I hear Becky talk about some apparent friends of ours and what they did for each other when Valentine's Day rolled around. They made each other valentines... isn't that sweet?

I start thinking about the idea and then I realize that I don't know the friends she was talking about.

Nick and Jessica? When's the last time we talked to... wait a minute

Me: "Nick and Jessica? As in Lachey and Simpson? Are you kidding me?"

Becky (head in hands laughing hysterically): "I'm so embarrassed."

Me (laughing): "I thought you were talking about friends we really knew. Really?"

Becky: "But it was really cute..."

We'll let you know what we decide about presents. We thought about making each other ornaments, taking each other out a different night. We'll see what we decide.

Bottom line - this has been an incredibly rich time in our relationship learning how to live together and laugh together. It's a process I'm glad we're caught up in.