P.S. Pregnancy is NOT a Disability

Upon arriving at the airport I went straight to the gate counter to get one beloved item: a blue pass. You know the pass that you can get to be the first to board the plane.

I learned my lesson at Christmas and now won't travel without it. My first time to get "sick" (you know what I mean now when I say sick-- morning/afternoon/night sickness come up) was flying back home after Christmas in Odessa.

So I won't risk it now. I get on the plane first (thanks to the blue pass) and get a close aisle seat and politely ask the steward... I mean flight attendant... for a trash bag (in case the the facility is occupied like the first time).

So back to the story.

I went up to the counter to ask for my blue pass. All I said was: "Hi! I was hoping to get a blue pass. I am pregnant and have had a lot of morning sickness."

Usually that does the trick. That is usually too much info for most people and they just quickly hand me the blue pass in fear that I might get sick right there on them.

That particular day, the lady at the counter was training another guy. She just about squealed and hugged me when I asked for the blue pass (thought that was strange, never had so much zeal about the request).

As she handed me the blue pass she said this to the trainee:

"I am so glad we had this lady come to the counter because there is something very important you should know... (wait for it)... pregnancy is... (wait for it)... a disability."

I didn't quite know how to respond so I just turned around in disbelief. I paused to look at her face wondering if maybe she was being sarcastic and mocking me. She wasn't. She was genuinely thrilled that she was able to show this guy first hand how to handle a disabled pregnant woman.

Since when did pregnancy all of a sudden fall under the disabled label?

Let's look at what Webster says about disabled: "physically or mentally impaired in a way that substantially limits activity" (emphasis mine, but necessary).

I will concede that when I am hanging my head over a toilet, for that moment I am "substantially limited," but in general I am not. And mentally, yes pregnancy brain does exist but I still can function in conversation and also still teach a class.

I'm really not upset, more than anything I thought it was funny and a story worth sharing with all of you friends.