PSA for Home Owners

Chris and I have officially decided we aren't meant to be home owners. We are half joking of course, but only half joking.

Just like I feel like the pediatrician should send you a weekly email to tell you what to do with your child, I feel like there should be a non-profit that does the same for home owners.

Case and Point:

At about 4am this past Tuesday the most horrible noise came from our kitchen. It was like someone put one of those cars with loud engines in our kitchen and there was some teenager wanting to be cool revving the engine up. Only there was no car or 16 year old. There was only our refrigerator. Our 4 year old fridge (meaning, it shouldn't be making noises like that).

Well, we've become best friends with a really great appliance man who has come and serviced everything but our refrigerator, so it was only fair that the fridge get some lovin' too.

Well friends, guess what? He was here for all of 15 minutes. Because that's all it took to fix the problem. Any guesses what was wrong?

Well apparently you are supposed to change the filter for the fridge every year. And apparently if you don't change it for 4 years it gets really backed up. Which explained why our water barely came out of the door dispenser and why our ice machine stopped working (we were too cheap to bother checking into that).

Please tell me you are laughing at me. We have been laughing at ourselves all week. 

Let me just tell you that 4 years of not changing your filter leaves it filled with some nasty things. And that's all the description you want. Trust me.

I choose to blame our parents for this one. Because any friend I've talked to about this said they don't know where they knew to do it, but they just knew. So if it's innate then it must be their fault right? Surely it's not our fault? Wink.

When I called Chris to tell him what the man said, Chris said and I quote, "Tell him: Sir, talk to me like a I am a second grader. Is there anything else I need to know about my appliances?"

I did. The man laughed at me.

So what about you... What's the best (should be common sense but it wasn't) advice you've ever received?