PSA to Doctors

First, is anyone else positively giddy that it is the weekend? Not just the weekend, but a long 3 glorious days weekend!  I keep looking at the clock just waiting for Chris to get off and then lots of family fun is about to go down (you can be sure a picture update post will happen next week).

If you just want to laugh, scroll straight to the bottom and watch the video. If you have some time as you watch the clock tick till 5pm and want to help me make a list, then keep reading. 

Have you ever gone to the doctor and wanted to burst into tears the whole time because the doctor was so __________? Gone hoping for something so different than the experience you had. Gone hoping even for a bad diagnosis just to get some answers. But instead, got nothing but a _________ doctor. (The blanks are for you to fill in whatever you experienced.)

The other day I went to the doctor and it was one of those experiences where you are almost floating over the situation and wondering to yourself: "Am I being punked?" Seriously, at any moment Ashton Kutcher and the whole camera crew could have popped out of his closet that's how ridiculous this appointment was. I've shared the full story with a few people (which just isn't appropriate for the world wide web) and each person seriously thought I was joking.

So, in light of that appointment, I thought I'd share a few tips for doctor's from the patient's perspective...

*There are some doctors that are worth waiting for. In fact, all the doctors I see I am willing to even wait hours for them (if I had too) because I know it's not a regular thing, and I know they are so good and I know there is a reason for it. But if you make someone wait more than 15 minutes, you and/or your nurse, should apologize for it, thank the person for their "patience," and then proceed to give them the same amount of attention you gave the other patients that caused the back up.

*Speaking of waiting time, when scheduling the next appointment, if you happen to block your appointments every 10 minutes, don't show your patient your booking schedule or else that just proves that there is no good excuses for all the waiting other than you want to book patients (i.e. bill more).

*When you walk into the room, make eye contact, acknowledge that there is a real person in front of you. Another nice thing to do is introduce yourself and shake hands.

*Speak in english, like common people english. We didn't go to medical school. Please use non-medical words (preferably less than 8 letters per word). Most patients have already done their background on you and know where you got your degrees, how long you've been practicing, and what boards you serve on. If we are going to you, we are already impressed with you.

*With that said, we are not idiots. Yes, you went to school for WAY longer than we did but that doesn't make us ignorant. Specifically don't say things like, "Well that would be too complicated for you..." or "How can I describe this to you..." Being condescending does not make us want to come back or refer our friends.

*Filling out our insurance billing form while we are telling you about our symptoms doesn't make us feel like you are listening to us.

*Asking the same question multiple times doesn't make us feel heard.

*Giving a diagnosis when the patient has been in your office for 30 seconds, when you've done no medical exam and hardly heard any history, doesn't give yourself (or the diagnosis) much credibility.

*Making negative assumptions about us, our bodies, our lifestyles, our families is really rude and, often times, inappropriate.

What tip would you like to give doctors?

Also, if you live in Houston and have a fantastic endocrinologist you'd like to recommend, please send me the info!

(I feel like it should be said that I don't think all doctor's are horrible. We have found so many great doctors here in Houston we love using. So many great friends that are doctors and do it right. But I know I'm not alone in feeling like it is so hard to find those rare fantastic doctors. And I promise this wasn't just me needing to vent somewhere (already done that). Just felt like I couldn't be alone and this would be a fun Friday post for us to share some tips together.)

Last night, after some friends recommended him, we watched a hilarious Brian Regan video on YouTube (my favorite part starts at 2:30, so if you are short on time skip there). Hope it makes you laugh!

(If you liked that, HERE is another really funny one by him on Food Labels. If you have ever been on a diet or "new lifestyle" plan, you will laugh really hard. Guaranteed.)