Pumpkin Patch Pictures and Costume Reveal

Are you ready to lose your mind with pictures of total cuteness?

Like this one Sarah captured of Karis. This is her I am so happy I can hardly stand it face.

If you want to see more pictures Sarah with Fish Lips Photography captured of Karis and some of Karis' friends, click here. At that link you can see Karis' comparison pics from last year too (wow has she changed!).

Or what about this one I took with my iPhone? This is Karis' kissy face. She is really into puckering now. I will say that I do miss those open mouth slobbery wet ones she used to give! But the pucker is hilarious. She kisses things all day long. Me, Daddy, her dogs (play ones), babies in books... and the floor (haven't figured that one out yet).

And I love that my daughter picked out the ugliest pumpkin in the entire patch to take home. Something in me thought: "Lord I hope she is like this with her friends. I hope she is friends with the unlikely ones, the ones that get overlooked." But I think I made that moment too deep. I think she picked it because it is the only one that has a purse handle as a stem. No joke, she hasn't touched her purse since she got the pumpkin. She traded in for a "fall bag." ;)

Now for the costume reveal. 

All that time scrolling through creative genius land on Pintrest has really paid off because I found the perfect costume idea for Karis:

Breakfast at Tiffany's

My sister in law's reaction was, "Wasn't she a prostitute?" (a very protective aunt)

Thankfully I have recently watched the movie and can confidently say, "No, no she wasn't." Now I will give it to you that she did like boos and cigarettes, but we are going to leave out that part. Karis just likes necklaces and purses and bracelets and shoes too much not to totally dress her up this year. I'm planning on going to Tiffany's next week and asking them for a bag so that can be her trick or treating bag. It's too much isn't it?

And if you are still judging me for this costume choice, remember when my mom did dress me up as a prostitute for Halloween? If not, click here. Each generation things get better. My great great great granddaughter might be able to dress up as Mother Teresa. ;)