Q&A Coming Soon....

This past Friday I had the joy and honor to speak at the Ladies Breakout Session at C.A.S.L. (Christian Association of Student Leaders). My dear "little sister," Hannah, was chair and asked me to come share a women's perspective on leadership with the 150 college ladies.

After lots of prayer I decided that we would do my favorite thing to do with college girls-- have couch time! You see in my old office I had this fabulously old, comfy blue couch that would find me and a college girl in need of some life advice quite often. So that's what we did.

Since there was 150 of them, 1 of me and only 60 minutes, I had all the girls write on a note card what question they would ask. We got through some, but not nearly all.

So, over the next few weeks you will see blog posts titled "Q&A: Part X." I promised the girls I would answer their questions on here. Just wanted to give you a heads up so you aren't confused.

If you are one of the students that attended the Conference:
1. Like I said Friday, it's not too late to submit a question. Simply comment here or email me (beckyjkiser@gmail.com).
2. I will be re-answering the questions we addressed last Friday. I thought that would be good so I could include some links and more info. Plus, I know several girls that missed parts of it.
3. I just loved our time together (even the moment that scary baby doll got off the elevator). You girls are just precious and I couldn't love you more!
4. I meant what I said: I am here if you ever have a question. If it's private just be sure to indicate that in your email.

If you are a friend, family, blog-world friend, or blog stalker (all are welcome here): I am asking that you help me with this project. Please read the questions and in the comments, leave your recommendations too. As many perspectives as we can give these girls the better.