a question i can't shake

Last week at dinner a friend shared with me something another friend of her’s shared with her. I can’t seem to shake it:

“Why do we pray for women who want to have children, but can’t or haven’t yet, to have open wombs. But for women who want to be married, we pray that they would be content in their singleness. Why don’t we pray that God would bring them a man of God and start their family?

Even though I am married now, I can still remember the pains of being single. I can remember the loneliness even with a jammed full social schedule. It hurts so desperately to want so desperately to be married, to experience the analogy of Christ and the church and it not happen.

Why do women who are such fantastic friends that they are bridesmaids 10 times, never get to be a bride?

This week I have been hurting for and praying for my single girlfriends more than ever. And praying that the Lord would bring them a man that loves Him more than anything and would love my girlfriends more than himself.

I am so sick of hearing people telling single people to be content in their singleness. Would you tell a barren woman that? Or a woman with cancer? Or a woman whose husband just left? No. Why do we ask single people to be content with their singleness?

I understand that we shouldn’t make idols out of anything. But the same is true in marriage (and parenting for that matter) as it is in singleness.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense, but I thought it was an interesting quote.