Question: What do you do when life is hard?

I am teaching next week at Captivated Together (P.S. I so hope you can make it. Houston's First Chapel on Monday at 7pm). As much as I have wanted to run from the topic, I know we need to all face something head on together: choosing life when it is hard. Choosing what God is doing in us. Embracing it. Understanding what He is doing (as much as we can).

I didn't want to do this topic because it totally sounds Debbie Downer. I've been sensing this would be my topic for a couple of months now. However when Tammie talked last month on waiting, I thought I would be able to get out of it (with the Lord). Because there are times messages are so raw in your own life, you don't know if you could hold it together to speak it. And a million other excuses. I have literally tried to go several different directions and they all bring me to a dead end. But I know this is what we need to talk about together.

I would really appreciate some feedback from you as I'm working on my lesson: 
1. What is your natural response when life hurts? Be honest.
2. What are some books that you have read that have helped you deal with the hard time.
3. What are songs that you listen to when life is hard that either speak honestly to your situation (like your soul resonates with the words and/or songs that life you up from the funk).

Feel free to answer all or some of the questions. Also, feel free to post anonymously if you don't want anyone knowing.

Thankful for your willingness to share!