Quick Update

A lot of you have been asking me how things are going... so here is your answer:

Just to clarify, I'm NOT on bed rest, just limited activity. I was put on bed rest only for last Thursday and then any time my contractions pick back up.

Speaking of contractions, they seem to be attracted to me. :)

They are getting closer and closer together, but still don't seem to be considered active labor... yet. They aren't super painful. It seems like every other contraction I have to try to relax and breath through, but the ones in between (what I call after shocks) are mild enough to walk and talk through and put on a happy face.

Today though contractions picked up to be about every 5 minutes. After calling the OB they put me back on rest for the day and had me take more Benedryl to help stop them. All that slowed them down but didn't stop them for good.

So the plan is that if they pick up and get more intense tonight we'll go back to Labor & Delivery. If they don't, and they don't seem to be, then I will see the doc first thing in the morning. They want to check me at least to see if all these contractions are making me dilate.

I'll keep you posted. All this is a good sign that I'm at least progressing. Baby girl could come tomorrow... or 2 weeks late (not likely). Psalm 139 has been our verse for her and I've claimed again and again the verse that says "all your days have been ordained." I believe that for her life. Whenever she comes it will be by the ordinance of God's grace over her life and ours.