Rain, Rain DON'T go away!

My employer made the BEST decision today: closed the office for the rain issues!

Granted the rain isn't quite as bad as predicted (much like our "ice day" we had last year), but I needed a down day. I have been sick for a full week now (3 days of food poisoning and then I caught a monster cold/something this weekend). I got a stronger antibiotic and am feeling much better today. :) I am going stir crazy but it is nice to have a day off of work that forces me to recover. Being sick with non-contagious things still required me to go in to work, which didn't speed up the recovery process.

For those of you who are at work today, I'm so sorry. But I must sign off now to go sit on the couch going between reading a book and watching movies all while hearing the rain falling in the back ground. It's a rough life. :)