Recipe: Kiser Guacamole

If you've ever invited us over for a party you know what the Kisers are going to bring: Kiser Guacamole. It's our thing... and if I might say so myself, it's good.

You see when Chris and I started dating we both found out that we LOVED guacamole. So we decided we would not stop till we perfected it. So we had many a date nights where we would keep tweaking it (not a real cheap date night by the way). Well we finally got to a place where we like it just the way it is.

Many of our friends have asked us to share this recipe. Since it is Valentine's Day weekend, I thought this would be appropriate. You see I don't like Valentine's Day so much. I don't dislike it. I just had pretension. So I don't like it when people feel forced to do something and spend ten times as much doing it. Knowing that my man started a great tradition when we first started dating: on Valentine's Day we stay in, make guacamole, make a giant palate on the floor and watch movies. It's perfect.

So here is the recipe for Kiser Guacamole:

*As far as quantities go, it's really hit or miss. We just kind of grab and use as much as seems good. So you'll figure it out as you try it.

Step One: Gather up a bunch of delicious avocados. You want to make sure they will be nice and mushy on the day you make them (but not too mushy). I like to be able to press on them and put a dent in them, but not be able to mush all the way to the seed (gross).

Step Two: Put all the avocados in a bowl and mush them up! Usually we use a fork and an avocado press (see picture below). If you like your guac really creamy then just a mixer.

Step Three: We love ours with lots of limes and lemons. Basically I will add them one at a time and taste (that's the fun part in making this: all the tasting). I would highly recommend getting a citrus squeezer thing (see pic below). This will totally maximize how much juice you get.

Step Four: Get a whole bundle of FRESH cilantro. You can put dried cilantro in there, but it will not taste the same at all. Don't skip this step. It will cost you less than a buck and it is totally worth it. I chop mine up really fine (you will feel like a professional chef doing this). Then I add it a handful at a time and mix. Taste and repeat.

NOTE: The bummer about cilantro is inevitably this is what will end up in some one's front tooth. So be a good friend and look out for and stuck pieces in your friends teeth. :)

Step Five: So this step used to scare me... but it really does add a nice MILD kick. I will get an entire jalapeno (usually less than 10 cents) and remove all the seeds (this is where a lot of the spice is) and then finely chop them. If you are just making for your fam and you like spice than feel free to leave the seeds. But a lot of people don't like spicy but they like the flavor.

Step Six: It causes horrible breath, but such a great flavor. I always use white onion for guac, I feel like the sharper flavor is better in this, but I know some people like red ones in there's better. Again, finely chop this up... no one wants to bite into a giant chunk of onion.

Step Seven: We use Roma Tomatoes, but I would guess any tomatoes are fine. Make sure they are really firm. Cut them up however you prefer-- we like ours a little chunky.

Step Eight: Salt it up! Salt, taste, and repeat till you love it!

Step Nine: Enjoy... and invite us over because we'd love to see how your version measures up! :)