Registry Revealed

All you Mommas (and Aunts, lover of kids, etc.) out there, here is your opportunity to give advice!

First, THANK YOU so much for those of you who commented on THIS blog! You have gave me so many great tips and recommendations of other places to check out. I have finished our registries online (this was so fun to do) and am ready for you to give you feedback.

I've noticed people usually are one of two extremes... Either you like to give way too much advice (you know who you are, and no I don't want o hear about your neighbors grandsons girlfriends friend from high school's horror story) OR you don't want to be one of those people so you give no advice. Well, I'm asking for your feedback, so don't hesitate. I'm not saying I will for sure change anything, but I want to hear your thoughts and why.

So please friends (and stalkers) comment away... :)

You can check out our Babies R' Us Registry HERE.
If the link doesn't work go HERE, then click on "Find a Registry" and put in our Registry #: 45223717

You can check out our Target Registry HERE.
If the link doesn't work go HERE, and put in our Registry #: 014399701049133
*Note: I really hesitated doing Target, but I have heard so many people say they wish people would register some where easy to get to. I did a lot of repeats there and figure if anything overlaps I can return it for credit at one of the two places.