Rub Tummy & Pat Head

I can remember being in Kindergarten when Mrs. Berswell would have us stand in line she had a special trick to get us quiet. She'd stand at the front of the line and say, "OK class, rub your belly in a circle motion and pat your head." She would do it herself.

Then I would stand there and try my very hardest to do it too. Inevitably I would first pat both. Then I would focus really hard and I keep patting my head, but then I would start patting my belly in a circle motion. By the end of the ear I finally got it down.

I still think of that moment and think of it as one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

So why on earth am I sharing that now? Putting Karis to sleep or calming her when she gets fussy, I feel like I'm doing the same thing.

Here is the secret formula to calming my baby girl:
Swaddle up tight
Hold like a baby (cradle) on her side
Wedge paci in her mouth between arm and her mouth
Pat bottom
Sshhhh her until you get dizzy
Rock as big as it goes
Shake Head (like just when you think you might give her whiplash, you've reached the right intensity)
One Sleeping Baby

Every time I do this combo I laugh to myself and think of 5 year old me doing just two things at the same time. Now I'm doing much more but I still find myself shaking what should be patted and patting what should be rocked, etc. Oh how I adore Mommyhood!