Safety Tip for Your Home

Recently a very good friend's house was broken into and also down the street several houses were all broken into last week (and we live a block from a police station). Needless to say, my anxiety has been a little higher when I am at home by myself.

I wanted to share a tip with y'all that my friend Sarah shared with me... and I'm so glad she did because I was doing what you aren't supposed to do (and after talking to several friends, so were they).

After her house got broken into they immediately got an alarm system. While the guy was there he was giving her all kinds of tips. But the best tip of all was this:

"If someone knocks at your door and you are home, don't ignore it. You don't want to open the door either. But you need to let them know you are home by talking to them through the door or simply saying, 'Go away, not interested.' A common theme with robbers is to knock on doors a few times to be able to tell when people are home or not."

I was shocked. No joke if someone ever knocked on my door, especially during the day, and I was home alone I would just ignore it. If I knew I wasn't expecting anyone, I wasn't about to answer the door to a stranger.

Well that is the wrong move. Always respond. Still the safest thing to do for you (and any little ones you might have inside) is to keep the door shut and talk to strangers through the door. But you want to be sure to let them know that someone is home.