Save the Date: The Help (the movie)

Any and all of my blog readers are invited to go see The Help (the movie) (but ladies only). Even if you didn't read the book with our Book Club you can still come. This will be a fun ladies night out for all my bloggin' friends.

If you are interested in going, email me or comment with your email address and I'll add you to the evite. Just to keep things as safe as possible, I want to do an evite and not post publically when and where we will be going. To keep things extra safe, when you email me or comment please include your name, where you live, your email and how we are connected (P.S. lurking is a totally acceptable answer).

Oh it's going to be such a fun girls night!!!

Not sure if you want to go? Watch this movie trailer or read the book and you will change your mind. Trust me.