Save the Date: Ladies' Summer Options

I have waited as long as I can to tell y'all about what is going on this summer.
I wanted to wait till it was closer and there was actually some where to send you for more information. Well now is the time!!

Summer Lovin'
To say that these women are gifted would be an understatement. I count it a complete honor to know them and have learned so many life lessons from their lives:

Shannon Bloodworth - Lovin' Yourself on June 8 @9:30a
Nancy Taylor - Lovin' His Word on June 15 @ 9:30a

Last summer the Summer Lovin' events were amazing. Such an incredible way to connect with other women in our church in all different areas of life. The message is timely and honest. And the ladies that have been asked to speak are the perfect choice because they really live this out and have found freedom from the strongholds that prevent us to live in freedom in these areas. 

A Mid Summer Night Thing
Carolyn O'Neal (our Women's Director) has been going on and on about how wonderful the speaker, Gari Meacham, is and how this is going to be an incredible event. All I know is if Carolyn says I need to be there, I never tell her no. And I haven't regretted living life by that standard yet.

and, last but not least...

No Other Gods Study 
I have the incredible honor of leading this one. 
Tues, June 14 - Aug 16 @ 9:30am

There are 3 Bible studies that have not just grown me but radically changed my life-- Breaking Free, Duty or Delight and this is one. Not that other studies I've done weren't good. They were and I grew. But some grow you and some change you. This study changed me.

It is all about identifying modern day idols in our lives and practically removing them (for good) and replacing them with a renewed relationship with God. It taught me to walk with Him in a different way. To see His grace different. To see my sin differently. Things were revealed that I had never seen before. It is just so good. I hope that you are able to join us. 

If you have any questions about it, feel free to EMAIL ME anytime.

For more information on all these events, go HERE. 
Childcare is available for all of these for FREE but it does fill up fast! Email Jenny to register (opens April 17th).