Scammed by My Brother

That's right, Nils Smith scammed me.

My brother was the quiet introvert of the family. I was the "social butterfly," as my mother kindly called. So when it came to someone getting blamed for something, you can guess who got punished. Hint: It wasn't Nils.

The McDonald's Monopoly commercials have reminded me of a scam my brother carried out for two years. Yes, seven hundred and thirty days, "innocent" Nils took advantage of his younger sister.

What did he do you ask?

Well, he told me he would take me to school ONLY IF I would buy him McDonalds for breakfast.

So every day, I spent my $5 lunch money to buy my brother and myself breakfast.

He further conned me when the Monopoly game was going on. He knew the competitor in me would want to go all the time. He totally played me and I thought we were just playing the game.

Further more, when Denny's had their $2.99 breakfast special going on, since my brother was "so kind and gracious" to take me to school, I treated him to an extra special breakfast there.

What about you? Did your siblings ever do something like this to you?

Note: As you all know, Nils isn't really a con man. He is a hero of mine, so much so he was the Man of Honor in my wedding. So I've obviously gotten over this. But this just proves that the quiet ones aren't always innocent.