Series Introduction: Thoughts to My Mid Self

In a week I officially hit my mid-30s. Birthdays are always a big season for me of reflection, dreaming, and planning. What most do at the New Year, I do at my birthday.

There is something monumental when you break into a new age bracket, at least for me it is. I love new beginnings and seasons and change. Not do overs, because I don't believe you can really do something over. But I love new beginnings. I love the insight you bring with you from past beginnings because you already know how they end. 

So I thought I'd share some of the things I'm reflecting on in a new series:

Over the next couple of weeks I'll the following blog entries: 

Thoughts for my mid-single digit self (4 - 6 years old) 

Thoughts for my mid-pre-teen/teen self (14 - 16 years old) (coming soon)

Thoughts for my mid-twenties self (24 - 26 years old) (coming soon)

Thoughts for myself today (34) (coming soon)

Thoughts for my future mid-fourties self (44 - 46 years old) (coming soon)