"She'll have tea."

Last night something occured that I thought would never happen. I had been having a hard day (really week, ok, really month, but especially day) and was in a moppy mood. Paula came over and we all decided we needed to get out for dinner. Of course we went to our favorite, Pappasitos. Yum.

The waiter came and asked what we want to to drink. I looked at Chris and smiled and said, "Water." Out of respect for my man I have been making an effort to have water when we/I eat out. There is something about saving the $2 that means the world to him. One day he told me how many hundreds of dollars we could save if we stopped getting drinks. But I LOVE tea. Not just a glass of ice tea is refreshing, but I near have an addiction. Ok, so maybe I do have an addiction.

That's when it happened.

Chris turned to the waiter and said: "She'll have ice tea." What? Are you serious? Are you sure? :) I was OVER JOYED! I have thought multiple times that it would be so cool if Chris just turned to the waiter and said "She'll have tea" after I've respectfully ordered water. But I knew that was just a dream.

It's the little things in life.